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Pink Pigs

The mural features five pink pigs on a white concrete wall, unwilling participants in meal preparation. One is ready to be grilled as another attempts escape in a hot air balloon. The remaining three appear to be to enticing drivers to stop.

A Texas father is auctioning off the video game systems he had bought his sons for Christmas, saying they do not deserve the expensive presents.

It is the only body that has the moral authority...“I don’t know what that is about but it sounds very much, I am afraid, like the US trying to have a separate operation and not work with the rest of the world through the UN system,” she added.

This article includes a list of suggestions to liberals. A must read!! :)

The international media is not up in arms about the murder of filmmaker Theo Van Gogh or the video execution of democratic activists in the streets of Baghdad — at least not as they once had been over the televised shooting of a Vietcong captain by South Vietnamese general Nguyen Ngoc Loan. Of course, the democracy activists in Iraq were working only for freedom, not, like Loan, for socialist tyranny.

Pretty Please

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Disgusting Drone Kids

Imam Bush

Tuesday, December 21, 2004

A Difficult Personnel Issue

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American conservatives tend to be receptive to the idea that Europeans are a bunch of duplicitous, atheistic wimps, whose moral laxity is leading them to an inevitable and richly deserved doom (Mr Baker's line). American liberals, on the other hand, are inclined to see the old continent as a delightful land of leisure (Mr Rifkin), or an advertisement for the virtues of socialised medicine (Mr Reid, a former London correspondent).

Count how many times the word "hate" appears in this article.

Nobel Peace Prize laureate Mairead Corrigan Maguire on Sunday compared Israel's alleged nuclear arsenal to Hitler's gas chambers...

So what does a terrorist television station's programming guide look like? Well, the station offers just about everything the discerning Jihadist could ever want.

The real problem is that democratic governments have joined non-democratic governments in a forum whose primary goal is the expansion of government authority...The United Nations is the pre-eminent trade association for people involved in the business of government power.

Mr Bush has not associated the workings of providence with America or himself. The best evidence is his frequent assertion that “the liberty we prize is not America's gift to the world. It is God's gift to humanity.” To many Europeans, this formulation seems unnecessary. They argue that liberty is good in itself, not because it is God's gift. But to Americans the association is almost axiomatic, since it is rooted in the declaration of independence (“all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights”).

But in a recent survey of students at 50 top schools by the American Council of Trustees and Alumni, a group that has argued there is too little intellectual diversity on campuses, 49 percent reported at least some professors frequently commented on politics in class even if it was outside the subject matter.

Mr. Stein also asked how the government intended to pay "for the education of the children, the health care for the families," and other services that foreign workers and their families require.

Monday, December 20, 2004

The Canyons

San Francisco Bans Second Amendment,2933,141672,00.html


-thanks aaron

But the president's most nettlesome intra-party issue in early 2005 may be immigration, lawmakers said. Bush's goal of granting guest-worker status to large numbers of undocumented immigrants is about to collide head-on with House Republicans' push to crack down on illegal immigrants, in part by denying them driver's licenses.

Within six years, for instance, the three largest cities in the Netherlands will be majority Muslim. One-third of all German Muslims are younger than 18, nearly twice the proportion of the general population.

From snow to high 60s within a week... MMmmmm Dallas...

Sunday, December 19, 2004

Holy Huddle

Church scores big on a screen play, and Cowboys faithful say: It's good!

08:38 PM CST on Sunday, December 19, 2004

By JEFF MOSIER / The Dallas Morning News

One church has solved the age-old Sunday conflict between late-morning services and early-afternoon football.

REX C. CURRY/Special Contributor
Valerie Scruggs (left) and Bonnie Krauss celebrated a Cowboys first down Sunday at Unity Church of Dallas. Two other members bought the satellite dish and pay the church's bill.

Unity Church of Dallas now shows the noon Cowboys kickoffs in the fellowship hall to encourage worshippers to stay for the entire service.

"The joke was that they were running out so fast we couldn't tackle them," church member Ken Sutherland said about the old pregame rush to the parking lot.

He and church member Mike Connor dreamed up the Holy Huddle program last year after noticing that many football fans were already on their way home to see the kickoff before services ended. The men agreed to purchase a satellite dish and pay the monthly bill to ensure that American's Team had a place in the church.

Now worshippers only have to walk down the hall for pizza and Dallas' most passionate pastime. The widescreen television is turned off at halftime as fans head home to watch the rest of the game.

Ken Groves, a member of the church's choir, said that for many, it's a tough call between church and football.

"It's easier for everyone to catch the game," he said while watching the Cowboys and the Philadelphia Eagles battle through a scoreless first quarter.

The added benefit, Mr. Sutherland said, is that some of the church's 1,300 active members have made new friends while solving an old problem.

It's win-win for the church, even when it's not for the Cowboys. They lost Sunday, 12-7.

Wednesday, December 15, 2004

Pick a Title

I am writing this article in the wake of the incident in which a teacher intimidation at the college recommended psychological therapy to an Arab student who had praised the U.S. Constitution.

UPS drivers complaining to a free-speech group that they have been told not to wish people a "Merry Christmas"

Despite well-publicised security vulnerabilities, Microsoft believes it will prevail because its MSN Toolbar integrates with the Windows OS and applications, so users won't need to explore a new application.

"In America," Mr. Yoldas said, referring not just to proposals like that but to what he feels is the broad attitude underlying it, "immigrants are proud to be immigrants, but in Germany we are being endured."

Tuesday, December 14, 2004

Is that an Iranian snowboard?

"These people are parasites, leeching off the creative activity of others," said John Malcolm, the MPAA's director of worldwide antipiracy operations.

Microsoft's worst fears were realized," Thurrott writes. "Other companies began copying the Microsoft desktop search strategy...

Even when a Santa (who has cleared criminal checks) can be found in his house, the set-up does not necessarily inspire misty-eyed nostalgia. At the St. Elli Shopping Center in Llanelli, Wales, Santa's lap is off limits; children now sit on a bench next to him, a move aimed at appeasing jittery parents, corporations and Santa himself.

But probably the biggest complaint has centered on values. This is not always stated directly, perhaps because of concerns about political correctness. But many Europeans simply do not want the government of a big Muslim nation sitting at the EU table.

Monday, December 13, 2004


First, we must agree that your body (and brain) is made up entirely of physical atoms and molecules. In other words, there is no supernatural essence like a "spirit" that animates your physical body. If we cannot agree on this, the rest of this article is moot.

I would like to pass on to you an essay that a friend who works with abuse victims sent to me. It was written by a woman who has spent years working as an advocate for victims of domestic abuse and she sees many parallels between her work and the reaction of many Democrats to last month’s election. Her name is Mel Giles and here is what she had to say…

Target stores have told the Salvation Army it may no longer station volunteers at store entrances, with their red kettles, and solicit charitable contributions for the poor. The 30-year tradition that reaped the Army $9 million a year has been terminated

If North Texas were a contestant in a natural beauty contest, we'd say she was the one with a good personality.
The sprawl of subdivisions gave this area a cosmetic makeover. The trees that appeared as small dots on the photos in the 1950s were lush canopies by the 1970s. They are even fuller today, as are many of the naturally occurring tree groves.
"While everybody complains of urban sprawl and its conflict with the urban forest, we've actually got more of an urban forest because of our sprawl," said Mike Bradshaw, executive director of the Texas Trees Foundation in Dallas.

The arrest ruling reversed a decision by the San Francisco- based 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals. The appeals court had said an arrest on an invalid charge can't be upheld unless police could have filed a different charge over a ``closely related offense.''
Scalia said the 9th Circuit reasoning would have ``perverse consequences,'' giving officers an incentive not to give any reason for an arrest.

Sunday, December 12, 2004

The Wedding Ring

"My wife is the strongest woman I know. She's basically running two people's lives since I've been gone. I don't think I could ever repay her or show her how grateful ... how much I love my wife, my soul mate."
-thanks to aaron the romantic

Thursday, December 09, 2004


But whenever Christians actually dare to make political choices on the basis of those beliefs, then the enlightened gatekeepers of American secularism in the academy and in the media rise up in righteous wrath and rush to the barricades to defend us against the barbarian hordes of true believers who if unchecked will transform our republic into a "theocracy" and impose their intolerant bigotry on everybody else.

Wednesday, December 08, 2004

Flash-based iPod?

But pro-Israel lawmakers with close ties to the White House raised objections...

The enemy is not Kofi, who will become a Third World martyr if forced out in the absence of proof of personal corruption. Let him stay seated atop his compost heap until the aroma grows so great Americans demand it all be bulldozed into the East River as a public nuisance.

NICE!!!! i was about to make some homemade stuff...


But under pressure from the Senate, the final bill dropped provisions supported by the House that would have barred illegal aliens from receiving driver's licences and would have made it far easier for the US to deport anyone believed to be applying for asylum under false pretences... David Dreier...and other California Republicans are also eager to win approval for completion of a fence along heavily-travelled stretches of the US-Mexico border to keep out illegal aliens. “We can have all the intelligence in the world, but if we can't protect our own border or prevent terrorists from coming into the country, then we're just stupid,” said Cliff Stearns, a Florida Republican.

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True Believers

In Arizona, Proposition 200, requiring welfare applicants and would-be voters to give proof of citizenship – though opposed by Sens. John McCain and John Kyl and the Arizona chamber of commerce – carried by 56 percent.

...and forgotten as the 24-hour news cycle sought out new prey. And it found it aplenty: The furor over embalming the corpses of the Hussein "princes"; the lack of respect shown Saddam during his televised dental exam; the worldwide horror of Abu Ghraib juxtaposed to the worldwide silence over the thousands in mass graves and the televised beheadings; the lectures by "humane" folk in Europe and the U.N., who looted the Hussein kleptocracy and cared not a whit for the thousands who were starved and shot so that Europeans, Chinese, and Russians could profit with a monster.
Does anyone at all remember any of that? And where now are Joe Wilson, Richard Clarke, Hans Blix, and all the other wizards of the moment, come and gone off the media shows and best-seller lists, who assured us that we were either liars, fools, or naifs?


But the actions of the network gradually revealed the fact that Al-Jazeera officials, on the orders of Zionist agents, are trying to divide Islamic countries and tarnish the image of Islam.

Political correctness is the handmaiden of terrorism.,,SB110071998028976955,00.html?mod=todays%5Ffree%5Ffeature

Kofi Annan was educated in the United States. :P

"The Police Department is not a private security force – that's not the role they play," Ms. Johnson said. "[The Davenports] need to have security out there." Or the city of Dallas could just do their job and make the neighborhood secure.

Green Buildings

Thursday, December 02, 2004

Immersion Lithography

When being more like America is modern and progressive, and being traditional France is conservative... US liberals should take note.

Mr Sarkozy, by contrast, has no time for tradition for tradition's sake. In an enlarged Europe, he argues that France can no longer rely on the Franco-German motor and needs to cultivate a group of six that also includes Britain, Spain, Italy and Poland. Atlantic-minded, he urges a milder approach to America. He advocates an overhaul of the French social model, pushing for less state regulation and a more flexible labour market; his inspirations are Britain and Spain, not moribund Germany. He considers that the French model of integration has failed French Muslims, and argues for American-style social engineering to help minorities advance. In short, where Mr Chirac urges caution and conservatism, Mr Sarkozy presses for modernisation and change.

The STPP ranked Salt Lake City the most improved city for pedestrian safety.

"Anti-abortion" and "Abortion-rights"; shouldn't it be, "Anti-Abortion" and "Pro-Abortion"?

Assembly Speaker Fabian Nuñez (D-Los Angeles) said Schwarzenegger's repeated use of the ballot — where his popularity with voters is a potent weapon — amounts to a disdain for representative government, where policymaking power rests with elected officials.
Working through the Legislature "is the most reasonable way to solve problems, unless we believe the form of government we have in this state absolutely stinks and we no longer are a modern democracy," Nuñez said. He called on the governor to pursue a legislative "vetting" of his plan, as opposed to "just saying I'm going to the voters and spending $40 million [on a special election] so they can vote on my proposals.",0,3748213.story?coll=la-home-headlines


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6th Ammendment

"In all criminal prosecutions, the accused shall enjoy the right to a speedy and public trial" ...Beautiful Texas

"There is little evident international acceptance of the idea of security being best preserved by a balance of power or by any single -- even benignly motivated -- superpower," the panel said.
"The yearning for an international system governed by the rule of law has grown," it said. "No state, no matter how powerful, can by its own efforts alone make itself invulnerable to today's threats."

But he also demands a similar fate for those Dutch citizens who endorse jihadist ideology, whether in print, in a sermon or in an internet chat-room. Mainstream Dutch politicians still recoil from such measures, believing them to be incompatible with traditional freedoms—and likely to radicalise Dutch Muslims further. Launching a war on terrorism is one thing; a civil war on terrorism is altogether more daunting.

For most of the post-war era the American media were dominated by a comfortable liberal consensus. The New York Times was the undisputed king of the print news, while the network anchors lorded it over TV news. That consensus is now under siege. The attacks are partly coming from the cable networks—particularly from conservative Fox News. (Charles Krauthammer once quipped that Rupert Murdoch had spotted a niche market—half the country.