Thursday, November 17, 2005

Fine Food

But Hunter points to the experience in San Diego, where the number of illegal migrants arrested is one-sixth of what it was before the fence was built. "People have made stupid editorial comments about the Great Wall of China," he says, "but the only thing that has worked is that fence."

Democrats want a broader bill that goes beyond border enforcement, but they found plenty on which to agree with Republicans yesterday -- particularly sending a message to Mr. Bush...Democrats criticized both Congress and the Bush administration -- blaming the former for underfunding homeland security and the latter for failing to take border security seriously. "No matter how many laws Congress passes, if the administration doesn't act upon and enforce those laws, then our nation is at risk," said Rep. Bennie Thompson, Mississippi Democrat and the committee's ranking member.

Families of four or five are dismissed as something for the less educated, the parochial or the pious who have the time to waste changing diapers and nursing. In contrast, the new childless European citizen is otherwise too engaged in travel, fine food, global moralizing and intellectual pursuit.


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