Tuesday, November 09, 2004



Blogger Jrew said...

These freaks are out of control bry-guy. I think you need to put a post together on Arafat's work as a youth. Not enough people know what he was all about. You were right it has been a good news this week, and it will only get better after that murderer kicks the bucket. The man killed U.S. citizens at a consulate in the 70's Carter turns a blind eye, a few years pass he pays people's families to be suicide bombers, and he gets the peace prize. Tell me what's wrong with this picture. I am thankful that the one conservative thing Bush has done in office is to not deal with this animal. Back to that story about SFSU, how does an organization like the PLO who is all about hateing Jews calling republicans racist. Well sorry i can't spell but i had to vent. God bless the U.S.ofA. and free speach.

Wed Nov 10, 12:27:00 AM GMT-7  
Blogger bryan said...

well... heres the article for Arafat on Wilkipedia


Wed Nov 10, 04:48:00 PM GMT-7  

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